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Full-Service Business Advisory Partnership for a Small Municipality


A small town was experiencing difficulties in accurately reporting its financial transactions and subsequently properly managing the activities of the town. As a proactive measure, they engaged Machen McChesney to examine, evaluate and provide recommendations on improving financial accounting activities and related internal controls. Also, due to the small size of the town’s staff, they had difficulties in complying with payroll reporting requirements and other general bookkeeping practices.


Machen McChesney's team led the municipality through on-site evaluations of all practices and procedures through interviews with all the relevant officials and employees of the town.

Our professionals helped determine the financial reporting objectives that were important to those charged with governance of the town.


We assisted the town in implementing a new financial accounting software package that provides timely and accurate information. 

Machen McChesney's team also assisted the municipality with correcting and reconciling all payroll filing requirements and monthly bookkeeping procedures.

We also provided the town with a list of recommendations that would enhance the town’s existing internal controls.